If you are a person who carries cash, it may be time to open a Venmo account or carry more debit and credit cards.

Over the weekend, we had taken our family ride and stopped for a coffee and snack for the kids. The Tim Horton's location we stopped at had a sign posted that asked us not to use cash because of the shortage of coins nationally. With a shortage of coins, it will make it much harder to make change when you use paper money, and I'm willing to be nobody wants to be rounding up their purchases to the nearest dollar.

People who worry about germs have been talking about not handling cash for a long time. My mother always told us that "cash is the dirtiest thing can touch." It makes sense. Think about all the places and the hands that may have touched that dollar bill before it even landed in your hand.

Back in May, Tim Horton's in Canada were asking customers to not use cash. That was certainly COVID related based on an article from BNNBloomberg.ca.

The coin shortage issue is picking up steam not only at local places but retailers around the United States as well. If we need more coins in circulation, everyone may want to check every couch, winter coat, backseat and center console in cars!

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