Just in time for Easter, CBD infused jelly beans have arrived!

Jelly Belly, the most popular brand of jelly beans, has announced that the candy will come in 38 flavors and each bean will contain ten-milligrams of CBD.

CBD is derived from cannabis, but doesn't have any of the psychoactive elements of marijuana.

A report from KBTX.com says:

Each bean is infused with 10mg of CBD.

Klein (the creator of Jelly Belly) told Cannabis Aficionado he didn’t want to make any health claims about his new jelly beans, but he’s confident his product “will help the world.”

If you try to get these, don't be surprised if they are not in stock. the company has been taking orders faster than they can make the jelly beans!

The best flavor of jelly bean is probably the black licorice. However, Jelly Belly is famous for their "alternative" flavors like birthday cake or popcorn.



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