Purposeful weight loss when you've struggled for years is a blessing.  However, for a local man, it's created a bit of a dilemma.  But it's one that you can help with.

Meet Chad Lucas.  If you've ever been to Uncle Frank's in Langford, there's a good chance you may have already met him.  Chad has certainly had his struggles in life.  When he was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with Fibrosis Sarcoma Cancer.  It actually resulted in his leg being amputated.

He did get the coolest nickname from that event however.  To many, Chad is known as "Kickstand" Lucas.

Obviously, with only one leg, exercise became very difficult, and he turned to food for comfort.  As he got bigger, kids stopped picking on him, but his health certainly began to decline.

However, he found some help after hearing an ad on WYRK he was connected with The Ideal Diet Center and the owner Sheri Zillioux who promised to not give up on him.

She didn't.  Chad has lost over 200 pounds and he's still going.

This is where the real dilemma comes in.

Chad has had a prosthetic leg and it no longer fits him.  It's very painful to walk everyday with his old prosthetics and he needs a new one.

Guess what...Sheri still hasn't given up on him.  She is organizing a fundraiser for Chad with hopes of raising enough money to get him a new leg.

If you'd like to make a donation, check out his Go Fund Me Page Here.

To read more about the actual benefit, check it out on facebook: