We all need some good news in 2020, and it looks like just about everyone will be getting another stimulus check this year.

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Currently, both sides of the Senate are fighting to get their proposed stimulus package passed but the good news is that both proposed bills include another round of payments to just about every American.

According to CNET.com both sides have at least a proposed $1200 check payment for Americans making $75,000 dollars or less per year.

The HEALS Act put forth by Republicans doesn't mention a cap on the amount a family may receive. The difference is that it doesn't limit dependents to those under 17 to qualify for the $500 payment. The Heroes Act, put together by the Democratic-led House would place a cap of $6,000 for households of five or more. Essentially, it proposes $1,200 for each adult and dependent, with a maximum of three dependents per family.

Back in March, the government passed the CARES act which gave Americans making less than $75,000 a one-time payment of $1200 with that amount decreasing for every dollar a person made over $75,000. Also, it provided an additional $500 for children in a household between the ages of 17 and under.

While both sides continue to negotiate with each other, it looks like we won't know for sure what bill will be passed until at least next week.

The White House did announce that they would sign a bill that included another stimulus payment as well.


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