There is an addition to a very important law that will now include schools across New York State. The law is aimed at making the workplace safer for those who work in schools in The Empire State.

Teaching is an incredible profession with big rewards beyond the paycheck. Teachers and educators and school staff are shaping the future of our communities. Schools are a place of learning and although lately there seems to be more and more violence, schools should be the one place that teachers and students feel safe.

A law that has been in place for more than 10 years now includes schools here in New York State.

According to reports, a workplace violence prevention law has been expanded. It requires elementary and secondary public education facilities to complete a workplace violence policy statement and violence prevention program by May 3rd.

Niagara Frontier Publications reports that:

The workplace violence prevention law requires that covered employers must:

√ Perform a risk evaluation of the workplace and determine the factors that place employees at risk from occupational assaults and homicide.

New York State has many opportunities for those who love to work with kids and offers a chance to apply for them in 2024.

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