The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet another proposal for New York State. This time, it seems everyone could be on board...

From,  NYS Govenor Andrew Cuomo has proposed to extend the state's seat belt law to require all passengers to buckle up, yes, even those in the backseat.

Under the current law, all passengers in the front seat of a vehicle must wear seat belts, but only passengers younger than 16 are required to wear a seat belt when riding in the back of a vehicle. Currently there are 28 states, and the District of Columbia, that already have some kind of law that mandates back-seat seat-belt usage, and that's according to the Governors Highway Safety Association,

Lawmakers plan to vote on the budget before April 1. I can't really see how anyone would argue against this proposed change. It seems to me that any person in a vehicle, front or back, should have the same laws to follow, especially when it's concerning their own safety!

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