You don't have to be loaded and have tons of money to get her the perfect Valentine's Day gift (although, lets face it -- money helps). Trust me, I don't think I'm cheap, but I also don't think spending tons and tons of money for my girlfriend is necessary on Valentine's Day. I think that I get the point across about my love for her throughout the year, but for Valentine's Day, it's the creative things that I put effort into that she loves.

Doing these things in the past didn't cost me a lot of money or any at all. Feel free to steal the ideas. After all, I've proved to myself they work and will help you score...brownie points, that is...on Valentine's Day...

  • 1

    The Sweet Talk Calendar

    If you have enough time, give her this one before Valentine's Day, and have her look at each day leading up to February 14.

    Make up a flip calendar for a month, and for each day, write something you love about her. For her, it will be like Valentine's Day for a month.

    ...and surprise her with flowers.

  • 2

    The Hershey Kiss Trail

    The Hershey Kiss Trail I think was one of my first ideas back when we were in high school, and to this day I still think it's one of the most fun ideas.

    When she wasn't home, I made a crazy trail of Hershey Kisses, and at the end there was a homemade card and movie tickets for a date.

  • 3

    Box Valentine's Day Card Favors


    Buy a kids' box of Valentine's Day cards for 3 bucks, and take the time and write favors on each and every one. You'll have to get creative, but "doing the dishes for a week", "an hour-long massage" and "one free date night" should help you get started...

  • 4

    A Homemade Card

    There is nothing better than an honest, homemade card that you made yourself with a note. Tell her how much you love her and why, and put some good effort in that. Spend a simple night that is all about her, and she'll appreciate those more than you dropping $200 on some food just to go home, get lucky and go to bed.

  • 5

    'I Love You' Picture Frame

    If you have a couple hours and aren't looking for ideas last minute, this one could work out really good. On three different pieces of paper, write "I", "Love" and You". Take three pictures of yourself each with one of the words. Now put them in three separate frames. She'll go crazy about it.

  • 6

    Surprise Notes Throughout Her Day

    Wake up a couple hours before she does on Valentine's Day, write some "I love you" notes and stick them all over the house in places she'll get throughout the day. Think about how her day goes (shower, coffee pot, car steering wheel, etc.).

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