Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert didn't have a full-time mansion in Nashville, believe it or not. The power couple lived back in Oklahoma and would go to Nashville frequently but always fly back home.

We just bought a house here in Nashville, outside of town. We had a condo for awhile, but we wanted to like, kinda put roots down, because we’re always going to be in Nashville. We’re excited about it because we’re here all the time and we’ll always be here recording records and having something to do in Nashville.

The Sheltons have their Oklahoma estate, and they leased a piece of property for when Blake is working on 'The Voice', but now they have something in Tennessee! Property records show that Miranda and Blake paid $2,258,000 and closed on the home on July 24, 2013.

“We live in Oklahoma full time, but we of course lease a place in L.A. when Blake’s working on ‘The Voice,’” Lambert dishes, adding that she enjoys her time in the southern California sunshine. “When we leave Oklahoma, we’re leaving 20 degree weather and it’s snowing and sleeting, and we get to L.A. and it’s sunny and 75, and I’m just like … ‘Oh, thank goodness.’”Read More: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Buy a House in Nashville |

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