Do you have a salt lamp? My mom gave me one and I had no clue what it was for but I plugged it in. At first I thought it was a gag gift but my mom went on to explain that it's suppose to help your health and keep you calm. So if one little lamp can do that imagine what 20,000 lbs will do?!

There's now another Salt Cave in the WNY area and it's located in East Amherst. You can go in and disconnect in a room filled with Himalayan Salt. AURA Salt Cave is a 350 square foot room that house 20,000lbs of this salt from a cave Klodawa, Poland and it's the purest form of salt on earth.

AURA Salt Cave and wellness center created this man made environment to offer unique services in the alternative health and wellness industry. According to AURA's website, these caves have been successful in "treatment in asthma, allergies and sinusitis as well as many other common respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and even dermatological conditions like psoriasis and eczema."

Learn more about AURA and their services at

Hours of Operation:
​Mon, Thu, Fri - 10-6
Tue - Closed
Wed - 10-8
Sat - 10-4
Sun - 11-4

The sessions last 45 minutes and start at the top of each hour. The thought of being in a quiet room for 45 minutes sounds lovely enough but to also have this environment sounds amazing.

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