If you are getting ready to wrap up 2021 or start 2022 with a new home, there are five homes you will want to add to your list and check out.

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Sure..these homes might be "a bit" out of your price range but it is always nice to see what amazing upgrades and improvements million-dollar homes have here in Western New York.

From 5 or 6 bedrooms to over 7 bathrooms, these homes have enough space for you, your family, your in-laws, friends, and even the occasional random person who needs a place to crash. Most of these homes also come with well over 5000 Square Feet of living space. Plenty of space that if your in-laws do come to visit you can still find some alone time.

It is just not the space. These homes come with land, lots of land. Plenty of land for you to enjoy lots of outdoor time with your family. They also boost amazing fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and one is even a true summer camp!

There are plenty of upgrades in these homes as well. From two-story fireplaces to upgraded hardwood floors, walls, and windows. Also, you will find lots of upgrades in the kitchens, bathrooms, and patios. Don't forget the upgraded garages too for the cold and snowy Buffalo winters.

So if you plan on doing some home searching over the holidays and need to get some ideas or maybe just want to see some incredible homes here in Western New York, check out the Top 5 most expensive homes for sale currently in Western New York listed on Zillow.

Check Out The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Western New York

Have some extra cash laying around and looking for a new home? Here are the top 5 most expensive homes for sale in Western New York.

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