The cold, the wind, the snow, the ice.  Those are some of the things most people would think of when asked to describe winters in Western New York.  But how many people would mention the beauty.  I can't remember if it was four or five times I was out with the snowblower clearing the driveway and sidewalk after a very snowy weekend, but even then I had to admit the snow sure was pretty.

On Saturday I had some errands to run and I was amazed at the number of people who absolutely celebrate winter time.  From the snowmobilers on the trails in Niagara County, to the ice skaters in Ives Park in Tonawanda, to the sledders on any convenient hill around the area, people were having fun in the snow.

But there's one incredible destination in our area that many people in Western New York have never experienced in the winter - Niagara Falls.  So often we take visitors or relatives from out of town to see the Falls and usually it's in the warm weather months.  But the Falls in the winter is something entirely different and it's absolutely beautiful.

Our good friend Jonah VerHague did us a favor by capturing some stunning images of the Falls, including some amazing aerial shots on a snowy day.  And if this doesn't make you want to experience this in person I don't know what will.

So take a moment to sit back and enjoy Winter at Niagara Falls.


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