One graduate of Cheektowaga Central High School will be featured on an increasingly popular CBS show. 

Jordan Floyd will be appearing on “FBI” at 8 p.m. Tuesday, January 11. 

Floyd auditioned for the show a while back, but he did not feel confident that he got the role at first. The turnaround for casting a role like this happens rather quickly and he hadn’t heard back the week he auditioned, so he assumed that the efforts were lost. Plus, the role Floyd auditioned for was the part for a 17-year-old, and he is ten years older than that. 

The week after the audition, Floyd heard from his agent that he did in fact land the role of DeMarcus.

“FBI” was created by Dick Wolf, one of the masterminds behind “Law and Order.” The show that Floyd will be a part of, “FBI,” is a crime drama about the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation starring Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki.

Floyd’s Acting Background 

Floyd began his career modeling and doing commercials before later auditioning for TV and film roles. His first speaking role was in February 2021 as part of the show “POSE,” which stars Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and Billy Porter.

How Can You Get Your Foot In The Door?

If you have similar goals and aspirations as Jordan Floyd does, there are many ways to get involved in the world of acting. Perhaps the best way to get beginner experience is to audition to be an extra with Buffalo Film Extras. The easiest way to get involved with that group is to join their Facebook page and look for available roles and casting. 

To join Buffalo Film Extras on Facebook, click here.  

Make sure you watch for Jordan Floyd in the CBS show “FBI” on January 11.

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