Cheektowaga is number 1!

The city tops the list of the "most livable small cities in America," by

Out of 287 cities, Cheektowaga came in the top spot, judged on the following criteria:

  • Concentration of entertainment establishments, restaurants, and bars
  • Income equality
  • Home affordability
  • Housing costs
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Percentage of residents below the poverty line
  • Percentage of residents without health insurance
  • Commute time

WKBW reports Cheektowaga ranked 5th on the survey last year. had this to say about the city:

Specifically, Cheektowaga ranks 11th out of 287 small cities for home affordability, with a home value to household income ratio of 2.23. Additionally, Cheektowaga has the 31st-highest concentration of bars as a percentage of all establishments, at 0.8%. Cheektowaga also has the 33rd-lowest percentage in the study of residents without health insurance, at 3.7%.


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