Happy Birthday to Cheerios! Did you know that Cheerios has been General Mills best selling brand since 1951? And it is America's most popular cereal.

Did you know that Cheerios are made right here in Buffalo? Yes, it's true.  Many times when I am walking to my parking ramp at the HSBC, I can actually smell the Cheerios as they being manufactured at the nearby General Mills plant. I wish all Buffalo made products could be this popular. 

Minneapolis-based General Mills began advertising Cheerios (first called Cheerioats) as a first food for toddlers in 1974. Since 1999, the company has focused on promoting the cereal as healthy; it's made from whole-grain oats, with 3 grams of fiber and 1 gram of sugar per serving. But in 2009, federal regulators took issue with the cereal box's claim that it was "clinically proven to help lower cholesterol." In a warning letter, the Food and Drug Administration said only FDA-approved drugs can make such a claim. [via WKBW.com]

Are you a Cheerios fan?  Do you like regular or Honey Nut?

Vintage Cheerios Commercial