It's official, the Labatt Brew House & Draft Room is now open. This past weekend (11/17) they opened their doors, not to mention their taps, in the cobblestone district.

Operated by Labatt USA, you can find the Brew House at 79 Perry Street, in a structure that's a mixed-use renovation of a 1919 building. So it's got it's own story and character, which is never a bad thing when you want a little bit of atmosphere in your surroundings.

On Labatt USA's website they say, "The Labatt Brew House is Labatt USA’s first innovation brewery. The 3,000-square-foot innovation brewery and tasting room consists of a 10-barrel, four-vessel brew house with 11 fermenters. Beer is served straight from eight brite tanks. Visitors will be able to experience the brewing process inside of the innovation brewery and help Labatt explore new beer styles."

The five story building will have more than just the Brew House and Draft Room; expect some residential apartments (how convenient would that be?!?), Pegula Sports and Entertainment (think you'll see any Bills players coming in and out?) and will be home to the headquarters for Labatt USA.

If you want to check out the new digs, The Labatt Brew House opens every day at 11am and closes at 11pm on Friday and Saturday and 10pm on Sunday through Thursday.

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