There is a historic amount of snow that is in the forecast for all of Western New York! The warm days are gone and the reality of the weather here in Western New York and New York State is going to set in fast this week.

The forecast, as of early Wednesday says there will be anywhere from 1-6 feet of snow and most of that will spread from the Orchard Park area to the Northtowns. This will impact the metro area of Buffalo and could be "paralyzing" according to some.

For those of us who live in the Southtowns, there is a new location of Chick-fil-A that is set to open on November 17th!

I can't help but wonder how the snow will affect this? I have never eaten at Chick-fil-A and I hear some great things about their food. But is it worth leaving the house for a sandwich during a lake effect snowstorm? I am willing to be there will be people lined up in Hamburg in the wind and cold and snow to be the first to get a look inside the new location and the line for the drive-thru will be as deep as the snowbanks along the roads!

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