If you and bae or perhaps soon-to-be-bae are looking for some new spots to try on your date nights or for Valentine's Day, don't overlook Chippewa. While it is a well-known party street in Buffalo, or at least it was pre-COVID, there are some great spots to try for sit-down meals. If you live in the downtown area of Buffalo, you know that many of the restaurants close early, especially since the pandemic happened. But these spots are used to staying open late, because ya know, that's Chippewa. One of my favorite spots to go for a date night or to hang with friends is Patina 250. While it's technically not right on Chippewa, it's inside The Westin, which sits on Chippewa. It's very close, right up Delaware.

If you're looking for variety, these restaurants on Chippewa definitely offer that. There's everything from Italian to American to Asian to bar food. There's also variety when it comes to how fancy you want to get...or not. You can get real trendy and head to Detour or maybe you and your boo feel like something more low-key, in which case Buffalo Tap Room would be a good option. It's also nice because all of these restaurants are within walking distance of each other, so you've got quick access to options. If worse comes to worst, there are some great spots that aren't right on Chippewa but are very close - within walking distance - so you have plenty of choices.

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