It won't be the usual big Bills game we are accustomed to. Businesses are still in the orange zone in most of Erie County, which means no dine-in at restaurants and bars, even though just over 6.700 fans will be in attendance at Bills Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday at 1 p.m.

However, that's not to say there will be no way to watch the game with others in a group setting.

According to WGRZ, the Chippewa Alliance will be hosting an outdoor 'Buffalo Bills Bash' this Saturday. The city of Buffalo approved the event this week.

Chippewa will be blocked off between Delaware and Franklin. Tables and chairs will be placed on the street and distanced enough to be socially distant. You'll be able to get food and drinks as well.

"It'll be four per table as guidelines suggest, six feet of social distancing, and patrons will have to wear their masks if they are standing," said Rachel DeDomenico, President of the Chippewa Alliance.

However, in order to attend, you will have to make a reservation beforehand. Each reservation will cost $50. So if there's a party of four people, that's $200 towards the bill total.

Chippewa did the same thing back in the summer and Mayor Byron Brown said the Chippewa Alliance showed they can handle this kind of event safely.

"The businesses were very diligent in spacing out properly and making sure that proper sanitation was being followed, said Brown. So we feel very comfortable with  the businesses on Chippewa being able to do this safely, smartly, and successfully."

To make a reservation, just text 716-939-1279 or email them at

The high temperature on Saturday is expected to be around 30 degrees, so definitely bundle up if you plan on attending!

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