This is awesome.

You know who Chris Berman is.

I would say that he is in the Bills Mafia. After all, Chris Berman is the guy that started the ironic Bills fan's 'motto': "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills". You have to see what he said earlier this week. He actually gave himself the chills. Us too, honestly.

Berman was talking to a couple of the guys from Barstool Sports about the Monday Night football game where Thurman Thomas was getting his jersey retired at Highmark Stadium in 2018. The Buffalo Bills asked Chris Berman to come to the stadium and say something real quick. Of course, he says his iconic line and he explains how the Bills Stadium went NUTS and cut him off mid-sentence.

It was halftime at the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots game. He says he got up there on the podium before Thurman was to get on, and the explains how he started talking and the Bills fans were SO loud. Berman starts: "Nobody circles...." and the fans went wild and took over. He compares it too Billy Joel singing his song 'Piano Man' in a stadium. While he was telling the story my favorite part is when he said he got the chills telling the story.

Berman has never lived in Buffalo. In fact, he was a New York fan.

It has been 30 years since he started this infamous relationship with Buffalo Bills fans.

in my 43 years... the relationship that I ended up by accident because I'm on ESPN... the people... the players... team... the organization, the players, the city. In my 34 years it is the most rewarding relationship that I've gotten from my job. ...they ask for nothing.

Take a look at the video below. It's awesome.

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