It's almost time to get into the spirit of Christmas and this year, if you'd like to celebrate in a completely unique way, you might want to check out this huge parade.

People love their tractors.  They also love Christmas.  Why not put them together to celebrate the season?

If you love tractors in red or green (or orange or blue...) you might want to check out the 4th annual Christmas Tractor Parade that is coming to Arcade, New York. It's a one of a kind way to celebrate the holiday and scope out some pretty sweet tractors at the same time.

What is a Christmas Tractor Parade?

This is the 4th year that they will be holding the parade through a special route in Arcade, New York.  People sign up to run their tractors and many of them even decorate them with full Christmas lights and more.  You never know who you might see driving one of these things. You might even see the big guy himself!

Where will the parade be?

The route includes a ride through Arcade.  According to their event page, they will begin at Hope Lutheran Church, travel down Main Street, and end at the Pioneer High School via County Line Road.  It will be a police-escorted parade.

How can I be a part of the parade?

Do you have a tractor that you'd like to show off?  Feel like decorating it up to bring a smile to people's faces?  They ask that you register by emailing

For more info, click here.

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