Senator Chuck Schumer was talking football today. He was trying to talk about The Bills but unfortunately screwed up just about every one of their names.

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We should give credit where credit is due before we go too far.  Chuck Schumer has been lobbying to keep the Bills in Buffalo for a long time.  So we have to thank him for that.  But today, he showed that he's definitely not a die-hard fan.

In a call with The Post Standard at, he started asking people from Syracuse who most of them root for.  He asked if it was the Jets or the Bills and they admitted that it was kind of split there.

He admitted that he was a Giants fan.  It's the team he grew up cheering on and still does to this day but added that when the Bills play the Jets, he's always rooting for the Bills. But he'll never cheer for the Bills over the Giants.

Then they started to really talk about players.  He mentioned that it was good that the Bills were on a bye this week because they would be getting some of their healthy players back.  He mentioned Poyer should be better when they come back but then couldn't remember Micah Hyde.  He also mentioned that it was good that "Trevarious White" would be coming back (Tre'Davius White...he was close there).

Where people really cocked their heads was when he mentioned how smart the Bills were to pick up "That tackle guy."

"That tackle guy they got was great too.  (Someone off camera says, "Von Miller") Yeah.  Von Miller.  That was so smart." - Senator Chuck Schumer when talking about the Bills


I get it.  It was just a slip of the tongue or a temporary brain fart as some people call it.  It was just funny to hear a player that so many people know here in Buffalo get referred to as "That tackle guy."

He also addressed the New York-New Jersey controversy with the Giants.  You could tell he's over the argument of whether they should be called the New Jersey Giants.  He claims that because the Giants have an N-Y on their helmets instead of an N-J that the debate is over.


But...they play in New Jersey.


Either way, we're glad he's talking about the Bills and proud to keep them here in Western New York.


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