According to WGRZ, the city of Tonawanda has passed an ordinance that prohibits people from bringing dogs to city events, such as the annual, Canal Fest.

Jace Kowsky, a dog patrol officer, says the decision on the ordinance was a long time in the making.

"It all stems from last year. The day after the Canal Fest started, I had well over 100 calls of dog issues," Kowsky said.

The issues ranged from dogs causing disruption to suffering in the heat.

Dog owner Kathy Humphrey thinks its a good idea, from experience with her dog, Josie.

"It just seemed like it was a bit much for her, a bit much for people around. There wasn't really a lot of places for water or for her to just kind of chill out and relax, so we decided that it's better to leave her home," Humphery said.

Fellow dog owner Katy Goodwin disagrees.

"I think it's upsetting because the owner should be able to choose if they want to bring their pets with them or not," Goodwin said.

I grew up in Amherst, with Tonawanda a short drive away, so our family always made a trip to Canal Fest every year and even though the new ordinance is understandable, it will be getting used to for dog owners.

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