We're now two days after Christmas, which means for some people, they're already in the process of taking down their holiday decorations. For other people, the Christmas tree and other decorations stay up through New Year's Day.

If you live in Hamburg, in the lakeview area, then you may have seen what is a pretty unreal holiday lights display that is making waves around the neighborhood and community.

My dad lives in the lakeview area of Hamburg and sent me these photos of what he saw last night.

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To say that this house is fully decorated with Christmas lights would be a massive understatement. It's truly the Clark Griswold of Western New York. Extremely impressive.

Every part of the roof is lit up in holiday lights, while the front lawn is also decorated in lights, with inflatables and candy canes. There's even lights on the trees and you can see the display all the way down the street.

These are the kinds of Christmas lights displays that people love seeing when they walk or drive through the neighborhood. You stop to appreciate the beauty and revel in just how long this all must have took to put together.

Definitely take time to appreciate all of the holiday lights displays that are still up, because we won't have a chance to see them again until next November and December. The next three or four days will be it for Christmas lights for months.

Are there any other displays that have caught your attention.

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