Things have been a major bummer for the Class of 2020. Even for my kindergartener.

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In the same spirit that made birthday parades a regular thing, I thought we'd hold our own Official Unofficial Kindergarten Graduation to commemorate Charlie and I surviving the remainder of the homeschool year.

We began the program with an alumni speaker -- his older brother. There was a slideshow, live song performance from the graduate, and a music video.

But everyone knows the best part of any graduation is the commencement speaker.

So I asked producer Rob to step up and send Charlie into First Grade with some lasting words of wisdom. Since Rob is basically like a super tall 6 year-old who can drive, I thought he'd relate to the audience.

And Rob did a great job! He may have a future speaking on the kindergarten commencement circuit. I heard he accepts bottles of Ranch dressing in lieu of speaking fees.

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