A box arrived at the house that had the word "fragile" taped to the outside. My first thought? Who sent us a leg lamp? Since it is the Christmas season, I couldn't help but think about the movie "A Christmas Story." But inside this box was something that has been the result of lots of hard work, years of effort, and a symbol of the relationships built through the years at 106.5 WYRK.

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This past November, Val, Rob, and I were awarded the "Broadcast Personality of the Year" for medium markets for the 54th annual CMA Awards. Because of COVID-19, we were unable to attend the show and receive the award in person. It was perfect timing that this award made it to the house days before Christmas!

My boys, Hank (4) and Teddy (2), wanted to help and were VERY amazed by the packing peanuts!!

I have had the pleasure, the opportunity and the blessing to be working at WYRK for nearly 25 years. Think about all the things that can happen in that amount of time.

Personally speaking, there sure have been lots of ups and downs. And you have watched and heard me grow from a young kid on the air to a guy who is now telling dad jokes on a daily basis. There have been some tough times and because of you, I have been able to get through them. I have also had the absolute honor of working with some of the most talented people to ever be behind a microphone. I would not be where I am today without the guidance of Dale Mussen. A true professional and one of the greatest radio hosts/news guys Buffalo has ever had.

But the fact that you show up every day is truly the reason why this win is so special. What most people call listeners in this business, I can honestly say I call friends. Through the ups and downs Buffalo has faced in the last 25 years, and certainly recently, we have gotten through it together as any good friends would do. We have cried and laughed together. We have even disagreed on occasion. We have grown together. I have watched your kids become successful adults, your loved ones pass, and careers blossom! And we did it all with the help of country music!

Everything that we have been through can be tied together with the songs we play on WYRK. The sound of the music may have changed, but the values and ideals have not. Country Music brought us together 25 years ago and it binds our friendship today.

2020 has brought some of the biggest challenges for our society. We are getting through this together. Some of the greatest wins don't happen overnight. I still believe in Buffalo and it's progress. Lord willing, we can celebrate more wins together through the next 25 years.

Being nominated for an award is a great honor. But, at least for now, let's celebrate this win for Buffalo. It means more than just getting a trophy to put on a shelf. It is a clear indication of what our friendship means to me.

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