It was my absolute pleasure to get the chance to give back and read for a class of kindergartners at Ben Franklin Elementary on Tuesday.

Sgroi Financial and WYRK ran a contest that gave teachers a chance to get some funds to help upgrade their classrooms.

Ms Cook is a teacher at Benjamin Franklin School and was one of the winners of the contest!

As a way to give back, Sgroi Financial invited me to join them for a visit to the kids at Ms Cook's class on Giving Tuesday.

Clay at Ben Franklin Elem

It was such a thrill to spend some time with the kids. Ms Cook chose The Elf on the Shelf  story for me to read to the kids and many of the kids shared their own Elf on the Shelf story!!

Clay and Ms Cook's Class

One of my favorite things to do is read to kids. This was so rewarding and this time of the year the kids have that wonder and sparkle in their eyes as we wait for Santa Claus to arrive!

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