National Dog Biscuit Day is February 23rd, and here at WYRK we like to give these kinds of holidays the celebration and attention that they deserve.

What better way to celebrate than with an internet game show? We're calling this one "Risk It Or Biscuit"--the basic idea is to have contestants answer trivia questions (canine-related, of course), and receive a very special "reward" for getting an answer wrong. The catch here is that your OPPONENT gets to pick the reward!

Thanks to our friends at Buffalo Barkery for providing the "rewards" for Risk It Or Biscuit. Their dog biscuits are made from all-natural ingredients, so while they may not taste as good as homemade cookies, they're definitely people-safe. They come in a bunch of different flavors, and we Clay and Dean got to test some out over the course of the game. The big four biscuits they tried were Buffalo Chip, Buffalove Pumpkin, Chicken Wing, and Beef on Weck. Do those flavors REALLY come through in dog biscuits? Watch and find out...

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