Got mud? With all of the April showers we have had in Western New York, there is no lack of mud! If you find you have gotten your truck stuck and there is no one around to help get you out, here is a hack that I found to assist you!Justin Moore is coming to Buffalo on June 10th for the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country.His song "Backwoods" features lyrics that begs the question..

"35's and a lift stuck can you get...ain't that just my luck...where's the chain...I'm stuck!"

The song refers to the fact that even though you may have the right truck and proper tires, it is still possible to get buried in mud with your truck. If that is the case, but you don't have a chain, or friends to help pull your truck out, this hack will give you a little help.

For whatever reason, there always seems to be a spare ratchet strap and some sort of left over lumber in my truck bed. If you don't have a sturdy piece of lumber, I am sure a sturdy branch from a nearby tree would suffice.

Once you get your rig out of the mud, buy your tickets for the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country and you can be there when Justin Moore performs! Find our Tundra on the road before the show and get in to win the chance to sit in the truck for the show.

Sorry, you won't find any mud to play in at the ballpark.


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