Before I got Pepper in my life I never truly understood why people love their pets so much. As much as I have tried to be Mr. Tough Guy about things, I admit that I lost some sleep last night worrying about my little puppy.

Pepper got spayed today. As most dog owners know, that is not something that is out of the ordinary. On the contrary, more and more pet owners are spay and neutering their animals. I guess we have Bob Barker to thank for that.

Well as a person who has never raised a puppy before, I was a little anxious about the entire affair. For the last two and a half months, Pepper has been right by my side and not out of my sight for long. She isn't a high dollar dog like others may own.  She cost me a hundred bucks.  She doesn't have a fancy blood line or field champion heritage. But, she is my hunting buddy. True, she may be only 5 months old and no we haven't gone on any real hunts yet. However, Pep has a ton of drive and lots of personality!

As I am writing this blog, the house seems empty. I can't pick her up from the vet for a couple hours while she recovers from this routine surgery. I bet if you are a pet owner you can relate to looking across the room at an empty crate or lonely squeaky toy and having this weird feeling that something just feels wrong about her absence. I see now what they mean about man's best friend.

I got Pepper with the idea that I would train her to be my work dog for hunting. I plan on training her to retrieve ducks and seek out pheasants.If she turns out to be a bust in the woods or on the water, no biggie. At least I have a great companion.

By the way, everything went as well as planned! Pepper should be back chasing the neighbors beagle in a couple days!