Pizza is probably the most iconic food in the United States. It's enjoyed by pretty much everyone and has a variety of styles, usually decided by what state or region of the country you're in.

If you live in New York state, then you know all about amazing pizza.

New York has New York City's famous thin crust pizza, which many consider the pizza capital of the state. You also have another said-to-be pizza capital in Old Forge, while Buffalo has its own style of pizza that is unique to Western New York.

New York City has a ton of pizzerias; many of them have been around for decades. Most customers would agree that coal and wood-fired ovens offer more delicious pizzas than modern-day electric ovens. The reason is because of the crispiness and taste of the crust, due to coal and wood-fire ovens.

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Those days might soon be over.

According to CBS New York, the NYC DEP is considering a new crackdown on coal and wood-fired pizza ovens.

Their goal is to help slice carbon emissions by 75 percent.

The DEP says, "All New Yorkers deserve to breathe healthy air, and wood and coal-fired stoves are among the largest contributors of harmful pollutants neighborhoods with poor air quality."

The DEP is saying that this is a "common sense" rule and that they helped develop it with restaurants and environmental justice groups.

This new rule would require a professional review of ovens and whether or not installing emissions controls is "feasible."

Some pizzerias might have to spend a lot more money to make the necessary changes. This would require buying the machines and having enough room for it in the pizzeria or restaurant.

CBS reports that the final vote from the DEP will take place at the end of July.

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