The 2023 NFL Draft is over and the Buffalo Bills did not have as many draft picks as they normally do.

The Bills had six total draft picks, but had 13 total picks at some point in the draft. They traded away their sixth and seventh round picks multiple times on Saturday, to improve their 2024 draft class, which many experts predict is an overall stronger draft.

The Bills are hoping they have drafted their own version of Travis Kelce, Darren Waller or George Kittle with their first round pick.

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The Bills picked Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid with the 25th overall pick. Buffalo traded up two spots to draft Kincaid, getting ahead of the Dallas Cowboys, which Bills general manager Brandon Beane said they had a strong feeling Dallas would take him at pick 26.

Beane also had an interesting comparison for Kincaid. Beane said even though Kincaid is a tight end, he will work the middle of the field and said he's Cole Beasley in a tight end's body.

Beasley did not like that comparison and said "please don't compare me to a tight end."

Kincaid will likely be asked to be in the slot, off the line, so the Beasley comparison makes sense but I get why Beasley doesn't want to be compared to a tight end.

Beasley was a safety blanket for Josh Allen. He knew how to get open and how to read a defense to find the right area of the field to sit in. Kincaid did that at Utah and that sixth sense is what makes Travis Kelce so good.

But when you look at Beasley and Kincaid on paper, they're nothing alike...

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