The Buffalo Bills are still reworking the roster for the 2023 regular season.

Most of the free agent signings the Bills will make before training camp have already been made, with the 2023 NFL Draft coming April 27-29.

There are still a few of the Bills free agents which have not found a new team yet, and we still don't know whether or not Buffalo will re-sign them to a one-year contract, if they find a new team, or if they decide to retire.

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Defensive end Shaq Lawson, running back/special teamer Taiwan Jones and wide receiver Cole Beasley are the players most notable in that situation.

Beasley was released as a cap casualty in March of 2022 and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the start of the 2022 season. Beasley then decided to retire in October, but unretired and re-signed with the Bills practice squad in December.

Perhaps Beasley can come back to at least attempt to make the roster out of training camp, but for now he's still an unrestricted free agent.

Beasley has been watching sports on television recently but has a problem with broadcasts; more specifically, the analysts.

Beasley says he's sick of analysts painting a narrative and "making it seem like everybody has that same belief." He wants them to "just report the game and shut the hell up."

It's the assumption this was in regards to a Major League Baseball game but could have been regarding to many games over a period of time.

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