CNN Money has come up with an interesting list of companies that have never laid-off an employee. Not too many of those companies around anymore, are there? Five of those companies are either hospitals or health care companies, three are grocery store chains. You might be surprised who they put at number one.

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    Baptist Health South Florida

    They opened a new hospital last year and open between three and four outpatient facilities every year. If they have to eliminate a position they find that employee a new position.

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    St. Jude’s Children Research Center

    In a tough economy St. Jude’s has cut back on spending and asked employees to find ways to cut expenses. Somehow the non-profit hospital that depends on donations finds a way to make it work.

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    Nugget Market

    Nugget Market is an 85-year old, family-owned chain of California grocery stores. And during all those years they’ve never laid-off an employee.

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    The Container Store

    This company did everything it could including buying cheaper toilet paper for employee restrooms to avoid any layoffs and it worked. The company president even had a conference call with all his employees to guarantee there would be no lay offs.

    (Bimmer Chaser 71)
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    Wegman’s Supermarkets

    The Rochester-based grocery chain came in fourth of Forbes Magazine’s best companies to work for and came in number one on a list of companies never to have had a lay off. When Wegman’s was forced to close a Rochester store last summer, all 250 employees were offered jobs at other stores in the Rochester area and every one of them accepted. Kevin Stickles, the vice-president of store operations and human resources says Wegman’s “is in the people business, but just happen to sell groceries.”

    (Adam Kuban@Flickr)