They haven't made the playoffs in 17 years and looking ahead at their opponents for this year they likely won't make the playoffs again this year, but we still love the Buffalo Bills.  We trudge out to the stadium game after game with nothing but positive thoughts in mind and so often we leave disappointed.  Once a Buffalo Bills, always a Buffalo Bills fan.  But how is the team perceived around the country?

Forbes Magazine has released its annual report on the value of NFL franchises and it reveals that all but five NFL teams are worth over $2-billion.  At $1.6 billion, for the third straight year the Buffalo Bills emerged as the least valuable among all the 32 franchises.  But still, that's an increase from the $1.4-billion that Terry Pegula paid for the team in 2014.

Joining the Bills in the bottom five were:

  • 28. Tampa Bay ($1.975-billion)
  • 29. Cleveland ($1.95-billion)
  • 30. Cincinnati ($1.8-billion)
  • 31. Detroit ($1.7-billion)

The report reveals the average value of NFL teams is $2.5 billion, that's up 8% from last year.  For the 11th straight year the Dallas Cowboys were the most valuable franchise at $4.8-billion.  The other Top 5 teams in the NFL are:

  • 2. New England Patriots ($3.7-billion)
  • 3. New York Giants ($3.3-billion)
  • 4. Washington Redskins ($3.1-billion)
  • 5. San Francisco 49ers ($3.05-billion)

Despite the rising value of all NFL teams, TV ratings are declining.  NFL TV ratings fell 8% last year and early tabulations show that the ratings this season are continuing to decline.


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