This is a sweet new business that will save you so much time if you are trying to buy concert tickets, theater tickets or even if you are waiting in line at a restaurant in New York State.

This guy Robert Samuel started a company, Same Ole Line Dudes, to do professional line waiting. People that want new game consoles, concert tickets, limited fashion things, iPhones, whatever.... the company will wait in line for you so you don't have to. In fact, they even have waited at popular restaurants for over 2 hours to keep people's spots in line when they wait for fancy meals.

They say time is money and this literally is that.

When one of the new iPhones came out, the company was hired to do some line waiting. It to 38 HOURS to get the new iPhone. What did he charge? $765 for the 38-hour wait.


First Hour - $25 

Each additional hour - $25

24 hours - $600

You have to do a minimum of $50 no matter how long you need them to wait in line for you. In addition, you can take advantage of their delivery service as well. So, say that they wait in line for physical concert tickets for you, they will also deliver them as well for an extra fee.

The business started nearly 10 years ago and was charging 25 dollars per hour then. That is the same price that they are charging now. Inflation has not seemed to affect the price you pay much. To put that into perspective, The minimum wage is now $14.20 all across New York State right now. The minimum wage 10 years ago In New York State was about 8 dollars an hour.

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