For decades now, a character that we know as "Conehead" has been delivering drinks and snacks to us at sporting events.  Now he's delivering inspiration.

If you've been to a sporting event in the last 50 years in Buffalo, chances are, you've seen Tom "Conehead" Girot.  He's been serving ice-cold drinks and snacks at just about every event from the Bills and Sabres to the Bisons and Bandits games for decades while he wears his signature conehead skull cap.

Recently he sent out a message on social media to remind Buffalo sports fans to live in the moment and enjoy where our favorite teams are right now.

He makes the point that right now, the Bills AND the Sabres are doing pretty well.  The Bills are rocking a 6-1 record and the Sabres are at 7-3.  It's been forever since we could say that about both teams.

We are all anxious to lift whatever curse has been set on Buffalo sports and finally win one and he thinks that this might actually be the year.

He's not alone.  The Bills are favored by multiple publications and analysts across the nation to not only make it to the Super Bowl...but to win it.  Could this be the year?

Remember when we were watching the Bills in the 90s?  Back then it didn't feel like it would be long before we finally saw our beloved Buffalo Bills hoist the Lombardi trophy.  But sadly, it just never came to fruition.  So we waited longer.  Then we found ourselves in the drought.  For seventeen years we went without even getting a sniff of the big game.  We were almost always middle of the pack (or slightly below middle) so we were picking middle-of-the-pack players.  Year after year we went through it.  It became a bit of a habit to continually turn on the TV or buy tickets to sit and watch these games only to have our hearts broken.

The's still too early to tell what's going to happen with these guys, but it feels good right now, doesn't it?  They're fun to watch again.  They seem to want to be here.  They seem to love their coaches.  And for now...they're winning.

There's a famous saying that essentially says, "I would have enjoyed them more if someone would have told me when I was in the good old days, that those were the good old days." we are guys.  We literally have a person who has been through it all with us telling us to enjoy it.  These are the good old days.  Let's stop worrying about if this is finally going to be it.  Let's just go out and support and love these teams and see where they take us.

These are the good old days.

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