Perhaps it because of the industry I am in. It seems as though you couldn't avoid hearing about the recent race for the 26th Congressional seat. It doesn't matter what party or candidate you were voting for or against, it was everywhere. Many people were not even sure if they were supposed to or allowed to vote based on where they live. But something else seemed absent in this election.It seems to me that the focus of this election (beside the typical mud slinging) was on medicaid. I totally understand that this is a big national issue. Something that needs to be adressed for sure.  However, there are far more pressing issues that we face now.

Maybe it is just the groups I hang out in. But, at 33 years old and a professional person, it wasn't clear to me what any of these candidates can or could offer to me. It is not only this election either. Race after race, the politicians fail to reach the somewhat "younger" voter. Those of us who are late 20's early 30's who are just starting familes, buying houses and making the money that is so heavily taxed. we are buying vehicles. Having children who will be attending local schools. You get the idea.

Why haven't any of the politicians reached out to this group? Why don't you hear more about our needs? Is it a matter of placing the blame on our generation for not getting more involved or demanding more? Perhaps. I stay up with this stuff as much as I can. Not only because it is part of what I do for a living. But, because these things do in the long run affect me and my financial future.

From the outside looking in at this last election, it seems to me that there was a generational divide as to who cared about it and as to the issues that were debated. My suggestion? Two fold. My generation. Us 30 somethings need to have a bigger voice. Second, the candidates need to reach out to the people who are "it" right now when it comes to shaping the future of our Country. Yes there is a need to hear what the previous generation is concerned about. After all..the baby boomers make up a huge portion of our population and there has to be a way to effectively tackle the rising costs of medicine. But we need to be concerned with what is going to happen down the road to keep things affordable and keep our economy strong enough that we don't need to borrow from other countries or send jobs over seas or more locally send people out of our state.

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