Bridal registries go back decades, but brides and grooms are starting to ask for different things these days and some people don't know what to think.

Bridal registries are a little controversial on their own.  Some people love them, some people hate them.  This new trend has people even more torn.

What is a bridal registry?

It's a pretty common custom in the United States to not only have a shower before you get married, but people also buy gifts for the wedding itself.  The shower is normally done by friends and family where they "shower" the bride and groom with love.  There's a wedding shower or a bridal shower.  Where the wedding shower is for the couple, the bridal shower is more for the bride.  The gift for a wedding shower is supposed to be a gift that the young couple can use to get their lives started together.  They'll often get things like small appliances or household items.

The bride and groom can register for things that they really like at a specific store to make it easier for their friends and family to get things that they really need or want without doubling up on them.  Again, the idea is to make their lives a little easier as they're just starting out.

What is the new trend in bridal registries?

There's a new trend that is really turning some people off.  These days you'll see people asking to crowdsource money for their honeymoon.  The other thing people are putting on their registry is a crowdsource for a downpayment on a house.

You'll see it more and more soon.  But it's not sitting well with some.

Why is the new trend controversial?

You might be asking yourself why such a simple ask might be controversial.  The people who aren't normally fans of the new trend are the ones who also dislike registries altogether.  They like to think of their own gifts and not just buy something off a list.  They believe that gifts for a wedding or a shower should be more practical.  "If you can't afford a fancy honeymoon, then maybe you don't need such an extravagant trip."

It seems to me that they're going to spend the money somewhere anyway.  More couples are living together long before they get married these days.  So by the time most of them get married, they've got most of what they need for everyday living in a home.  They might not need all those practical things by the time they say "I Do."  But they might not have enough to take a trip together.  Maybe living paycheck to paycheck is making it hard to save for a home.

How would you feel if a couple was asking for money for a honeymoon fund, or a downpayment on a house for their wedding?

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