If you love to cook and want to share your skills with people all across the world, there is a TV show looking for chefs from New York.

The best part is that you don't have to be professional at all. If you have a signature dish you make for every family gathering, a dish that your spouse loves, or a dish that your family and friends clamor for all the time, this TV is looking for you.

If you have a great dish, you can submit everything to Mercedes Wilson host of "Recipes for Life" to get your dish in the running to be featured on her show.

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The new show will be 30 minutes long and thanks to the magic of editing, you can have up to 45 minutes to make your dish.

Check out the message Mercedes posted on her Facebook page about the new show.

So grab that recipe book and get ready for the world to get to know you and your favorite dish.

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