This is the best corn stand in Western New York and it has become a classic in Lancaster.

It's called Brian's Corn Stand located at 200 Pleasant View Dr, Lancaster, NY.

The fun perk they do here at the corn stand is that if you buy 6 or more ears of corn you get one for free just added on as a bonus. It's not much. But, it's the experience. Plus--the corn is great.

You get your brown paper bag, go to the back of the truck, pick out your corn and you are on your way. They also have individual sunflowers that they sell. They are cash only so be prepared.

Here is how much the corn costs at the stand on Pleasant View:

  • 1 ear--$0.60
  • 2 ears--$1.20
  • 3 ears--$1.80
  • 4 ears--$2.40
  • 5 ears--$3.00
  • 6 ears--$3.60
  • 8 ears--$4.80
  • 9 ears--$5.40
  • 10 ears--$6.00

Every dozen is 7 bucks and it's some of the best corn in Western New York.

What is the average cost of corn in the United States right now?

The current price of corn as of August 07, 2023 is $4.8225 per bushel, according to A bushel is 56 pounds of corn.

Best Corn Stand in Western New York

The stand is located on Pleasant Ave. in Lancaster, New York. The corn comes from a farm on Steiner Road.

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