It’s time once again for our Hometown Hero, with help from our friends at WNY Heroes who help us with our nominations every week.  This week, our Hometown Hero is from Niagara Falls, NY.  From the United States Army, it’s Corporal Robin Stevens!

Robin joined the Merchant Marine in 1944 at the age of 17. He was put on active duty in May 1945 right after FDR died. He was in the Pacific as a Messman on the Liberty Ship John Paul Jones. He was on Guam and watched the Enola Gay take off (remembered it because he thought it was a strange name for a plane)...nobody knew it was going to Hiroshima to drop the bomb. His Liberty Ship was the first into Tokyo Bay after the surrender of Japan, and he still has the Japanese rifle that was given to him by General MacArthur.
He was drafted into the Army in 1951-1953 during the Korean War, and was the only soldier in his company that didn't go to Korea-he was the only one in the company that could type, and his commanders wanted him there! He was discharged as a corporal. He was in the Army Reserves from 1953-1959 and discharged as a sergeant.


This week, we are honored to name Corporal Robin Stevens our Hometown Hero of the week!


If you would like to nominate your own Hometown Hero, click the button below. We like to honor both active duty and veteran heroes from right here in Western New York.

Thanks once again to United States Army Corporal Robin Stevens, our Hometown Hero of the week!


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