There's very little that will start a fight at a holiday like suddenly bringing up politics.  Mattel is hoping their new game will help curb that.

We've all been there.  Dinner is awesome.  Everyone is having fun.  Then someone thinks it's a good idea to start a conversation with the statement, "Did you hear what president Trump said today?"

Then the fight starts.

Well, Mattel is hoping that their new UNO game will help to keep that from happening.  It's called "Non-Partisan UNO."

So what's different?  Well, first of all they got rid of the red and blue cards.  They've replaced them with purple and orange cards instead.  Also, they have added a "Veto" card which can be played to skip a player if they start to talk politics at all.

Think this might work?  Want to get it?  It's only available at Walmart.  However, as I write this, it's already out of stock.  Keep checking back to see if you can score a pack before Christmas!


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