Next year will be a loooooonnnnggggg year for Buffalo Sabre fans. The team is expected to be historically bad.

The team is currently in rebuilding mode and moved several key players already this off-season and are still looking for a trade partner to send Captain Jack Eichel away.

That means Sabres fans are in for some big blowout games since the team currently doesn't have a #1 goaltender on the roster at the time that I am writing this.

But, there next Domick Hasek or Ryan Miller might already be in town. There is a goalie here in Buffalo, who has never let in a goal during his career! Of course, he hasn't played in a game, but he does have his own Goalie academy.

Folks...get ready to say hello to your next Buffalo Sabres netminder Tre White! Now most fans in Buffalo know White as a Pro Bowl defensive back for the Buffalo Bills, but for the past couple of seasons, White has been promoting his goaltending skills.

Ok...hear me out. Sure Tre White is a pro football player. But the Sabres are going to be pretty bad next season. What is the worst that can happen? Maybe White stinks at goalie and the Sabres lose a game 9-3 instead of 6-3. The upside would be the marketing for both teams.

Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson each played pro baseball and pro football at the same time, so it is not uncommon for a player with as much talent as White to play two sports. Now there has never been an NFL player who also played in the NHL, so White would be a trendsetter and Buffalo would get lots of national attention.

White did show off some of his goalie skills last preseason at the Bills fieldhouse.

I say...why not! As long as White doesn't get hurt on the ice and hurt the Bills chances of winning a Super Bowl.


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