It seems like on a daily basis we are hearing about new research, studies, surveys that tell what not to eat, what to drink, how to live, what to drive…etc…etc  The most recent bit of research was released yesterday and it deals with going for your dental x-rays.  The study found that yearly dental x-rays may increase a person’s risk for developing a brain tumor!  Fourteen-hundred patients who had “meningioma” (most commonly found brain tumor) were studied and compared to...... a pool of about 13-hundred healthy people.  The patients who said that they had the typical “bitewing” exams were twice as likely to develop a tumor in the brain.  Then there was another group who reported having the “panorex” x-ray were nearly 5 times as likely to develop a tumor when compared to the healthy group.  This is scary news!  When I go to the dentist (which is not as often as I should) I have the “bitewing” x-ray.  Kinda glad I don’t go to the dentist as often as I should!!!

*As a side note: dental x-rays used today have a much lower radiation dosage.   Some of the patients tested had x-rays quite a while back*