We all learned about evolution in school and how creatures have changed to keep up and live longer on earth. Well, now an artist has teamed up with a smart guy (a computational biologist) to bring us some frightening pictures of how they think we will evolve to look in the future. Big foreheads and big eyes...Big. Scary. Eyes.

  • Our head will be bigger to support our bigger brains.
  • Our eyes will be massive because of our exploration and colonization of places beyond earth (or from looking at our smartphones all day).
  • Our noses will get bigger for breathing in air from other planets/places other than earth.
  • Our hair will be denser because we have to keep our huge heads warm.
  • Our skin will be darker because we'll need to protect our skin from more harmful UV rays. (YAY! Tans!)

I sure hope Nickolay Lamm and his research partner, Dr. Alan Kwan, are right about their 20,000-100,000-year time line because if my kids comes out with huge eyeballs....

Here is an original picture of what the two futuristic people look like today.