What a wild story from yesterday afternoon.

A woman stole an ambulance that had keys in it at a hospital in Utica and drove it all the way to Rochester before getting off of the thruway at an exit, and not stopping until she drove it straight into Irondequoit Bay. Why were the keys in the car though? Everyone was asking on social media. Here is what Rochester outlet WHEC said:

A spokesperson said the ambulance depot had its garage doors open, and the ambulance was in for routine cleaning. No crew members were present when the ambulance was taken.

The hospital reported the ambulance stolen and it was spotted by New York State Troopers who started to chase the woman. Troopers tried to stop the ambulance but had two failed attempts with stingers. Stingers are the spikes that police have to try and stop high-speed police chases.

The woman was rescued by people who were on a boat at the time in the water. Some people watched the woman take the ambulance right through a gate at this marine park and go airborne right into the water. They immediately went to go help and got her onto their boat. She was arrested shortly afterward.

Emily Putnam, a reporter at WHEC out in Rochester, was on the scene yesterday afternoon showing us pictures and videos of the incident. The ambulance was pulled out of the water successfully.

Take a look at the pictures and videos from Putnam's Twitter account below.

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