Yikes! Look What This Woman Found in Her Pre-Packaged Salad
I've officially heard it all. I've seen frogs and rats packaged in things, but never this. In fact--how does this even happen? This couple was eating a salad that they got from Walmart in Florida and then they discovered a bat in it.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working with the …
To The Rescue!
I'm not sure I would ever bring this story up at a party, but if he decided too, he sure has an entertaining one.
Officials would not say exactly how it happened, but one guy someone got stuck in a porta potty and had to be cut out over the weekend...
Steal From Corpse
This is one of the most bizarre stories we've heard in a while.
Police in Texas are searching for a woman who was caught on video stealing a wedding ring from a corpse at a funeral home. Brianna Gallegos walked into the funeral home, looked like she was holding hands with the deceased 88-year-ol…
Peeing In Cereal
You know when you're crabby in the morning and somebody goes 'well, who peed in your Cheerios?'
This man did. This man literally peed in my cereal.
And someone out there probably ate it, honestly. The video that just recently surfaced was actually taken in 2014, and cereal products don't have a two ye…
Artist, Biologist Show Us The Faces Of The Future [PICTURE]
We all learned about evolution in school and how creatures have changed to keep up and live longer on earth. Well, now an artist has teamed up with a smart guy (a computational biologist) to bring us some frightening pictures of how they think we will evolve to look in the future. Big foreheads and …

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