According to the Better Business Bureau, this is not actually a scam. They say it is "extremely questionable marketing practices".

Do you know anyone that may have gotten this pregnancy card in the mail from Jenny B? You're probably not even pregnant and got the card. My mom called my sister and said there was mail at her house for her--when my mom opened it she was less than thrilled with a card that hinted she was pregnant.

The card read “Holy guacamole! You’re going to avo baby!”Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you! I hope you like these. Inside were coupons, five gift cards that amounted to $245 and a receipt with their values. A lot of people say they were a scam, but all the suggested sites were all legit (all owned by the same person) and active.

It's a strange marketing tactic.

BBB actually contacted this company earlier in 2019. Really questioning these practices,” said Luke Frey of the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut. “If you’re advertising free shipping on a product it shouldn’t change if you use a promo code or not From what other consumers had said in their complaints they are lower quality products than they thought they were purchasing", according to NBC.

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