There are two kids of people:

  • The ones that see something that has no problem throwing anything out.
  • Or people who hold onto ANYTHING thinking it could be worth money one day.

Now, on the internet you may see a VERY specific item that MAY be worth some money to someone RANDOM on the internet. But, just because you see your 101 Dalmatians vintage Disney VHS went for some high-dollar once doesn't mean you're going to find buyers left and right.

Count how many items you are keeping in your house right now that you should probably throw out this weekend.


1-3 items: Not bad, you probably are a reasonable person that is a bit sentimental.

4-9 items: You're an adult and it's time to realize it's weird the amount of things you're storing hoping everything's going to be worth something.

10+ items: You're a hoarder and it's time to just have a few drinks and begin the purge.