Buffalo Total Eclipse
This will be the first time since 1979 that Western New York is going to be able to see a total solar eclipse, but make sure you do it right because we only get about a 7 minute window.
To make it a sweet experience there will be viewing glasses that will be given out so, you can watch without hurtin…
Get To Work
Many people roll out of bed and cannot get their day started until they've had their first cup of coffee.  I get it.  I'm normally the same way.  But a study recently revealed that that's one of the worst times of the day to take your coffee for maximum caffeine intake.
Look At This Grill!
Cool! I love science! Especially when people do cool things with know, the fun days in school when your teacher worked with fire, or some sort of explosive. LOL Watch as these geologist from the Syracuse University Lava Project use lave, just like the ones in the volcanos, to cook steak...
The Size of the Ring
Well, here's some good news fellas.  A recent study just bailed you out of spending thousands on a huge engagement ring.  The research actually says the BIGGER your engagement ring . . . the SMALLER the chance your marriage will last.
Full Blood Moon
Do you feel like people have been acting a little strangely lately?  If so, it might be because of the event that is about to take place tomorrow morning (October 8).  It's called a full "Blood Moon" and it's supposed to be visible from everywhere in the U.S.
Science Time
Apparently, there is a way to test batteries without having to use one of those testy-things (I believe that's the correct term). So we gave it a try on-air... Take a look.
So... we didn't do it the right way. I guess the lesson here is to really research before you just jump right in...
Creepy Video
I've never tried frogs legs before. Chances are, after watching this video, I never will.

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